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poor english

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oh my eng is becoming poor day by day.

hornestly i spend most of my time by using my mother tongue japanese.

hope to have more oppurtunity to speak english,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


no matter how my english skill is, i wanna talk with people in englsh...


videos of little wonder

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 These videos featuring a boy called little stevie wonder.

I feel his awsome gift that anyone never has and am surprised that he is only 13.

Stevie Wonder (you can see more infomation about him on wikipedia) is a man of extraordinary genius. 

A carpet with coffee aroma

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Three days has passed since I quite smorking,then feel better anyway.

U know....

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should I tell her something...

u know she never know how i feel.

wish I could open my mind...........



ok, move on/


Im feeling happy to write somethings in english because i recently have no chance to do that!

Boyz II Men

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I really love B2M  and have been a big fun of 'em for 10yrs.
I met'em at....actually a song called"One Sweet Day" from CD of Mariah Carey,
Once I listened to that song, I felt in love with their sweet, strong harmony.
It was an amazing encounter for me, yes it really was.
and since then,  I've been listening to their songs for 24/7, 365days.

Reallllyyyy hope to go and enjoy their live concert this year!!